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Big Data and Big Elections

  Harper Reed (CTO of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign) joins the Digital Nibbles Podcast at 6:00 p.m. on 3/20 to talk about big data and ...

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Can’t face away from Facebook? It might be iDisorder

Ever heard of iDisorder? Chances are you know someone who has this very affliction. If you have children, they could easily suffer from iDiso ...

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Featured Podcast:

Technology Innovation and Design Thinking – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 56

Rather than our normal two guests, we’ve got a little bit of a longer (and fascinating) interview with Martin Duursma (@MartinDuursma), the VP of Citrix Labs and CTO Office Chair. He joins us to talk about innovation at Citrix and how listeners can apply Design Thinking to their ideas (be it a product iteration or a brand new idea). He also discusses upcoming trends – more seamless use of technology/technology that adapts to user needs – and give an update on Citrix’s upcoming Synergy conference. For more information, visit www.citrix.com.

Show timeline:

0:00 – Introduction and News of the Week

10:09 – Interview with Martin Duursma

29:04 – Wrap Up

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DN On The Road:

  • Marten Mickos at Structure
  • SoftLayer at Structure
  • Norwest Venture Partners at Structure
  • Inktank at Structure
  • JP Morgenthal at CloudCamp DC
  • CloudCamp Seoul with SkySQL and MariaDB
  • Cloud Computing in China with Intel's Billy Cox

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